Thursday, December 15, 2005

Final Fantasy X

In a world of water called Spira, Yuna, a young girl, must do a pilgrimage to learn the ancient art of summoning to defeat Sin, a great monster who destroy the villages and kill the people. But to save the Spira she must sacrify herself in summoning the ultimate eaon , a spirit who will kill Sin. She's accompagnied by a few gardians et one of them will fall in love with her and he will find a way to save Yuna, but this boy will disappear at the end...


Someone has cut one of her wings...

Small Angel

It's a small angel who have killing somebody.
It seems she's on a battle ground.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dark Angel

Nightwish - Swanheart

All those beautiful people
I want to have them all
All those porcelain models
If only I could make them fall
Be my heart a well of love
Flowing free so far above
A wintry eve
Once upon a tale
An Ugly Duckling
Lost in a verse
Of a sparrows carol
Dreaming the stars
Be my heart a well of love
Flowing free so far above
In my world
Love is for poets
Never the famous balcony scene
Just a dying faith
On the heaven's gate
Crystal pond awaits the lorn
Tonight another morn for the lonely one is born


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